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Hi! I'm Brandy Reese

I’m running for State Representative because Gilbert needs a visible, present leader who will listen to and truly represent the people and families that make our community so great.

Principled Leader

I come from a working-class family that rarely made ends meet. But through hard work, scholarships, and student loans, I realized my dream and earned my degree. As a forensic scientist and peace officer, I earned the recognition and respect of my peers and supervisors through leadership, integrity, and dedication. As your legislator, I will apply that same work ethic to earn your respect and trust.
Priorities for Arizona

Brandy's Priorities For Arizona


Our children deserve a world class quality education. I'm committed to passing meaningful bipartisan legislation to ensure resources are available so that every child is prepared to be successful  Investing in the education of all of our children propels us forward as a state by preparing a talented and skilled workforce.


Our most precious resource in Arizona is water. We must all be good stewards of our natural resources, conserving where possible, and innovating new technologies to tackle the water crisis we face, while protecting Arizona’s economic interests and agricultural vitality.


Access to healthcare is a basic human right. Mental health care, addiction treatment, and freedom to make medical choices based on our own health and medical needs are crucial to a safe and  thriving community.

Volunteer With Brandy

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 "Most of us want similar things: a home, a family, a safe community. I come to this work with a true servant's heart and am fully invested in impacting our district in a collaborative but helpful way to improve the lives of those I serve."
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