My name is Brandy Reese. I’m a mother, a forensic scientist, and a lifelong education advocate.

Growing up, my parents instilled a strong work ethic, deep respect for education, and faith grounded in inclusivity.

As teen parents, they struggled to make ends meet – making every dollar stretch as they raised two children and built a better future for my brother and me. Nearly everything was secondhand or homemade: clothes, furniture, household goods. Its because of them that I know what true perseverance is. While I was pursuing my bachelor's degree, my mother earned her master's degree, the culmination of two decades of effort. Education was the tool that lifted my family and me out of poverty.

After I received my degree in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma – I wanted to get to work creating a  better, safer world. For 14 years, I identified, collected, and analyzed physical evidence from crime scenes in the laboratory, working to take violent criminals off the street.  I provided expert testimony in countless courtrooms – always ensuring that the facts of the case were told accurately so that justice was served.

Now as a mother here in Arizona – I am working to ensure that my daughters have the same educational opportunities that I did. As an advocate for our schools and communities, I am running for office so that everyone is on a level playing field.

About Brandy

Forensic Scientist

As a leader in the field of forensic science, Brandy was elected President of the Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists and received dozens of commendations and recognition for leadership, commitment, excellence, integrity, teamwork, community service, initiative, dedication, and professionalism. She will bring this same level of dedication, leadership and professionalism to the Arizona Legislature.

Peace Officer

Brandy provided expert testimony as a Criminalist for the The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), Oklahoma’s preeminent professional law enforcement agency. Using those skills, training, and expertise, she embodies the principle of keeping her emotions in check and responding appropriately based on evidence.  Once elected, Brandy will take an evidence-based approach to legislation.


Brandy, her husband and two daughters, along with their two dogs and cat live in the East Valley and are determined to make their community a better place for everyone.

Education Advocate

As a tireless champion to improve our neighborhood schools, Brandy has been a dedicated volunteer and community organizer. She has seen our teachers resort to buying classroom supplies out of their own pockets and asking parents to donate copy paper.