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Brandy's Top Issues

Education and the Economy

Education is the foundation for a thriving economy. We must invest in our neighborhood schools. We must attract and retain permanent, qualified teachers with smaller classes for Arizona students so that they can learn in an environment that works for them.

Climate and Water

The Colorado River supplies over a third of Arizona’s water supply, including 40 percent of the water for Phoenix— the fifth-most populated city in the United States. Our region is among the fastest growing in the country — a trend that’s expected to continue in the coming decades. We must take action to address this shortage.

Reproductive Freedom

The freedom to decide if and when to start or grow a family is best left to families, in consultation with their doctors. The government shouldn’t make personal medical & healthcare decisions for families.

That's why I believe we must reverse the harmful 15-week ban on abortion and restore reproductive freedom in our state.